Welcome to Central Christian Academy’s 2nd Grade Kindness Fruit Stand!

Central Christian Academy is an accredited, Christian school servicing children from 2.5 years old through 6th grade.

The mission of Central Christian Academy is to provide an education that will equip saints with the knowledge and experiences they need to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and grow the fruit of the Spirit within their home, church, and school.


In second grade, our fruit of the Spirit is kindness.

The ACOs are observed during whole group instruction, independent work, small group time, and individual instruction.
In the first quarter, second-graders understand how to form kindness.
During the first quarter in the Kindness Fruit Stand, the saints form learning through spiritual, social, and academic experiences. As they read The Josefina Story Quilt, they see how Faith forms a quilt to tell about her journey. The saints form their own story as they begin to quilt together a Biblical world view. They understand how the world was formed by God and how scientific data supports the Biblical account of creation. The saints see how early civilizations formed the basis of our math, oral, and written language systems. They are developing their language and math skills as they learn that numbers form their own language. The second grade saint is no longer simply identifying numbers, but understanding that digits represent specific values that have meaning and worth. As their reading and writing skills continue to form, they are able to decode words, sentences, and stories.
In the second quarter, second-graders look at how kindness frees.
Throughout the second quarter in the Kindness Fruit Stand, the saints explore the idea of
spiritual freedom. As their Biblical world view grows, they begin to understand that Christ died to set them free of their own sin. Slavery and obtaining freedom re-occurs in history from Exodus to the Underground Railroad. The 19th century time period comes alive as they read The Drinking Gourd. They learn about Harriet Tubman and other brave heroes who helped slaves gain social freedom. The saints explore their own social freedoms as they are given opportunities to choose right from wrong. During this quarter, the second grade saint is asked to complete more classwork independently. They obtain academic freedoms as they read, write, and advance their math skills without the assistance of others.
In the third quarter, second-graders learn how kindness can be followed.
The third quarter in the Kindness Fruit Stand challenges the saints to choose right from
wrong. They have to decide who and what to follow. In their book, The Bears on Hemlock Mountain, Jonathan is sometimes obedient and sometimes disobedient. He is either following what he believes to be right or what others tell him is right. While the second grade saints know that they should follow God, it can sometimes be confusing to determine if people or instructions are godly. They learn that even biblical kings and judges did not always follow God. Instructions can be simple or come in multiple steps. The saints use mapping skills and extend their abilities in reading and writing. Following instructions while using forms of measurement is emphasized in math.
In the fourth quarter, second-graders understand how kindness fulfills.
The saints in the Kindness Fruit Stand learn that it takes courage to gain fulfillment through kindness. This quarter they read The Courage of Sarah Noble, a short novel about an eight year old’s courage to journey through the wilderness and show kindness to everyone she meets. As the saints observe God’s kindness fulfilled through nature, they find ways to analyze, record, and graph their discoveries. The saint’s journey through history continues as they study the time period from 748 B.C. to 629 B.C.. They discover the courage of prophets and kings as the kindness of Jesus Christ is fulfilled. As they conclude their second grade year, the saints express their fulfillment of
kindness through multiple forms of writing.