This Week in the Kindness Fruit Stand

This week was short, but full of learning! Our brains grew so much from all the new knowledge we learned.

We started the week of by reviewing place value. To help us review place value and the different forms associated with place value we played Place Value Jeopardy! This was such a fun way to finish out our place value unit, but it was tricky too! You must state your answer in the form of a question…if you didn’t, the other team got to try and answer the same question.  It took us a few turns to get the hang of this. On Thursday, we were introduced to rounding. This, too, was tricky at first, but we learned an awesome song to help us better understand rounding. It’s getting easier and easier everyday! Below are our steps for the rounding process.


In Mystery of History we learned about Jubal and Tubal-Cain. Jubal was the father of the ones who played the harp and flute and Tubal-Cain was a craftsman. Through these two men, we were able to see that early man was very intelligent and had many skills. They taught others their skills as well. We also learned that they lived a very simple life then. Yes, some might have lived in caves, but they were not the “cavemen” we see on TV or in movies. We were able to tie in our Mystery of History lesson into music as well. During music, we learned all about the harp and heard the beautiful music it makes. We also learned that in Bible times, the strings for the harp were made out of GUT! This grossed us out…but don’t worry, the strings are made out of nylon now :).


In P.E. we are learning how to play Kickball. We are learning the rules of the game, how to show good sportsmanship, and how to work together as a team. Check out these actions shots below!


During Language Arts this week we started talking about adjectives and muscle sentences. We learned that adjectives help us better describe what’s happening in our sentence/story and allows others to fully understand the answers to the following questions: who, what, where, when, why, and how. Muscle sentences are really strong sentences that have a lot of detail. We were able to see the difference between weak and muscle sentences during writers workshop. Here are some examples we created.


Check out the pictures below that show us in art reading “The Man Who Walked Between the Towers” and created art inspired from our reading, and in chapel learning about how anger is actually good when: we’re slow to become angry, have God’s anger, plant God’s word in our lives, and just do it like God asks us to.


IMG_1555 IMG_1556

We can’t wait see how much our brain grows next week, so make sure to check back next Friday!


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