Math was a blast this week! We started our geometry unit by learning about symmetry. We learned 2D shapes that can be folded on an imaginary line and look exactly the same on both sides have symmetry. To practice symmetry, we did a math hunt around our classroom to see how many symmetrical items we could find, and we created symmetrical shapes out of clay. We also created symmetrical portraits of Pastor Brian Davis (our children’s pastor), Mrs. Stephens, Mrs. Rhodes, and Mrs. Hartung. We were given a paper that only had half of their portrait on it, and our job was to complete their portrait symmetrically the best we could. Here are a few of our symmetrical portraits below.




We also created “Symme-Trees” to help us learn symmetry. In this activity we drew a large tree on a long sheet of white paper. Then we had to color and cut out shapes to add to our tree. If our shapes were symmetrical, we placed them in our tree. If our shapes did not have symmetry, we placed them off our tree. Below are some “symme-trees” we created.


While learning about symmetry this week, we were able to make a connection to our literacy book The Josefina Story Quilt. We noticed that quilts are made out of patches, and sometimes those patches are or can have symmetrical shapes. Another thing we noticed is that quilts are created by using 2D shapes! We can’t wait to learn more about 2D and 3D shapes next week to see what other connections we can make!


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