What a Great Start!

During the first quarter of 2nd grade, the saints have been learning what kindness is and how it is formed.  Together, we are studying Ephesians 4:32, ” And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.” We are beginning to understand what God is saying to us and that Christ is our greatest example to follow as we are forming kindness.

With the beginning of a new school year, we are learning and practicing 2nd grade expectations.  This year for positive reinforcement, we are using Swag Tags, Saints with a goal,  in the classroom.  These can be earned by accomplishing a goal individually or as a class.   Swag tags are also given for loosing a tooth, birthdays, first day of fall, etc..  The tags earned will be sent home at the end of each quarter.

The Daily 5 Reading and Writing Workshops continue in 2nd grade.  Our stamina while reading and writing  builds each day.



We are reading The Josefina Story Quilt as a class.  This book gives us the opportunity to discuss the 1800’s like moving west with a wagon train, leaving most of their possessions behind, experiencing the difficulties of the trip, and developing of a new land through the  a quilt that tells a story.

Image result

In Math, we have written about what we think a mathematician does. The children reviewed math tools and how to use them properly.  We are learning the procedures for guided math rotations and are working everyday to accomplish the daily tasks given.  We are studying place value, ordinal numbers, even/odd, compared numbers, rounded numbers, number lines, and the organization of numbers.


We are becoming scientists.   We shared what we know about science and science tools, and we introduced the scientific method.  The students are learning that this is a process.  Our first experiment as scientists was to find out how many water drops can fit on a penny.   We worked through the scientific method using each step.  The children were surprised to find that their hypothesis of 2 or 3 drops of water was not correct.  Some were able to place 30 drops of water on their penny before it overflowed.

 In Mystery of History, we reviewed the days of creation and completed our creation booklets. We learned about Adam and Eve, and through their choices, sin entered into the world. We discussed that God created Adam and Eve in His image. We are special and uniquely made by God. We created self-portraits that show just how unique and special God made us.

Other lessons included:

  •  Jubal and Tubal-Cain.  They helped us to see that early man was intelligent.  We were created by a brilliant and personable God.
  • Noah & the Flood
  • Ice Age
  • Dinosaurs (of course, we had to paint our own)




This year we are exploring what it means to be united in our church, home, and school.   We are learning to collaborate with each other to accomplish a common goal.

 The children are working well together.  They are enjoying their old friendships as well as making new friends.



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