Communication & Collaboration!



Wow! I can’t believe we’re already in the 3rd week of second quarter. These past few weeks we have really been working on communication and collaboration. It is so important for children to know how to communicate and work with one another. To help us work on this, we have been working on various projects and assignments. One big project we completed consisted of the students working to together to create voting booths, voting ballots, and ballot boxes for the Kinders first annual Pumpkin Character Book Report Contest. Through this process, the students had to collaborate and communicate to plan out their portion of the project.

This project was a huge hit! After the planning process, they began to create their projects! The students used various mathematic techniques such as: measurement, addition, and subtraction. They also used technology software to create and investigate. They conducted research to help them learn about the history of voting, what voting means, and why voting is important. Through this investigation, they learned that voting is a freedom we have. When they discovered this, they immediately tied it to our quarter theme, Kindness Freed.

When each group was finished with their part of the project, everyone was able to see the whole picture and understand how everyone’s role in the project was important. The students came to the conclusion that without communication and collaboration, they would not have been able to easily complete their tasks for this project and that the meaning behind this project would not have been the same. When voting day arrived, the students were so excited to use their creations to take place in our school wide voting for their favorite pumpkin character.




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